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After all the items are completed, a plan has been drawn up, and you already have an idea of ​​the final type of the best term paper, you can begin to draw up a document. How to write a term paper independently, find out below. So, step by step instructions for registration of the term paper:

Registration of the title page. Typically, the title page in the course work is made on the model specified in the training manual. It should contain the following information: the name of the educational institution, the topic of the course work, the name of the specialty, the surname and initials of the teacher and student, the city where the educational institution is located and the year of writing the course work.

Drafting content. Each new item of content must be associated with the previous one. Identical section names in the content are not allowed. Each item of content should consist of only one sentence, no more.

Writing an introduction. It is worth noting that there are no exceptions when the introduction is written after writing a term paper. In this section should be indicated the goals and objectives of the course work, the problems raised, the relevance of the topic, research methods and other useful information.

The main part of the course – the most voluminous section, which consists of a comprehensive detailed disclosure of the topic. All information should be summarized, following the exact structure. One paragraph must be a continuation of the other.

Writing a practical part of the work. This section is designed according to the requirements specified in the training manual. Usually it is a set of calculations, drawings and tables.

We write the conclusion – section in which all results are summed up. It contains all the conclusions, answers to the questions asked in the introduction, highlights the place of course work in modern science, assesses the positive and negative aspects in the student’s work.

Making a list of references for the best term paper. This section should contain at least 20 different sources. First, documents and regulations are specified, if any, then a list of books and textbooks is written in alphabetical order, and at the end Internet resources are added, if you use them.

Application design. This section includes tables, documents, regulations and other materials related to a given topic. Applications should not be numbered.

To make it easier to write some points, it is worth considering the following concepts.