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Before everything else, let us first know what an essay is to give you an overall background of the subject. An essay is a piece of writing about a particular subject, usually from the author’s point of view. When we say “from the author’s point of view,” this means that the writing is from the personal perspective of the writer, resulting in the type of essay called personal essay which incorporates both narrative and descriptive writing (two of the main modes of writing).

College essay topics on Current events:

  • The importance of the ozone layer
  • The shortage of teachers nowadays
  • How to improve security of air travel
  • Should Puerto Rica be the 51st state, a commonwealth or independent
  • Modern-day heroes and idols for young people

College essay topics on Customs and Traditions:

  • How to plan a surprise party
  • Witchcraft and its practices
  • Smoking in public places
  • Why are tattoos in style and what do they express
  • How the institution of marriage has changed for modern society

College essay topics on Family:

  • What every father/mother should know about raising children
  • The impact of divorce
  • Same sex marriages
  • The concept of family in the US vs. Latin America, Europe, Asia
  • The ideal age to get married / to have children

College essay topics on Fashion:

  • Is buying /wearing a fur coat unethical
  • School uniforms should / should not be required
  • Describe the fashion styles of the 70s / 80s / 90s
  • The impact of sweatshops on the clothing industry
  • European influence on fashion in the US

College essay topics on Food:

  • How your diet is influenced by religious beliefs
  • How to prepare your favorite dish
  • Myths and misunderstandings about certain food items
  • How mechanization has changed the quality of food (vs. organic)
  • Eating disorders and how to prevent them or cope with them

College essay topics on The future:

  • Should the US continue space (and other planets) exploration
  • UFOs: Reality or fantasy
  • The benefits of solar energy
  • The car / house / school / workplace of the future
  • The impact of overpopulation

College essay topics on Health:

  • The benefits and risks of organ transplants
  • Hunger in the Third World
  • Unnecessary operations by surgeons / corruption in the health care industry
  • The effects of caffeine on your diet
  • Bodybuilding: Only for the ego or for health reasons

College essay topics on Philosophy:

  • Does the American Dream still exist? What does it consist of?
  • How does one define love / honor / truth
  • “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth” Discuss.