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A persuasive essay is an essay that should convince the reader of a particular idea, most often the one you believe in. Your essay can be based on your point of view about anything. The difference between an essay-conviction and an argumentative essay is that an argumentative essay is based on facts, and in an essay that should convince the reader of something, there can be opinions or emotions. Every person should be able to write such essays because this skill can be useful for writing a petition against malnutrition in schools, and for drafting a letter to the boss about raising your salary.


Read the assignment carefully. As a rule, such an essay is written on the instructions of the teacher. It is important to carefully read the text of this task.

Pay attention to the words that will help you understand what the essay should be. If there are phrases “personal experience” or “personal observations” in the assignment, be aware that you can use your beliefs to support arguments.

If the text contains the words “protect” or “prove”, it means that you need to write an argumentative essay in which only facts will be important.

If you are not sure what is expected of you, ask the teacher.

Give yourself time. If you have such an opportunity, think over the arguments that you will be pleased to defend. Haste will only hurt you. Give yourself time to brainstorm, write and verify what is written. You can also take a look at the samples of a persuasive essays.

If possible, start working as early as possible. In this case, you will have enough time if something goes wrong (for example, the computer breaks down).

Consider the rhetorical situation. There is a so-called rhetorical situation with five main elements: the text (that is, the essay), the author (you), the readers, the purpose of the message and the environment (setting).

In order to be believed as an author, you will need to examine the material, clearly, formulate the main points of the statement and back them up with facts that do not distort reality.

The purpose of the message is to persuade readers that your point of view is correct.

The situation may be different. Most often, an essay is asked to write at a school or university, and then work is handed over and evaluated.

Remember what should be included in the essay. Unless something else is indicated in the text of the assignment, you will need to write an essay using the classical scheme as in many samples of persuasive essay.

This type of essay uses rhetorical tools of persuasion. You will have the opportunity to address emotions, not just logic and proven facts.